Group of Under 15 Boys Files Class Action Suit Demanding Equal Pay to US Women’s National Soccer Team

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In the wake of the US Women’s National Soccer Team filing a lawsuit demanding equal pay compared to the Men’s National Team, a group of under-15 boys has filed suit demanding they be paid as much or more than the US Women’s team. After an above-average U-15 boys team outclassed the USWNT 5-2 in a scrimmage, attorneys representing several thousand boys aged 11 to 14 have filed their own suit demanding equal pay.

“I think this is a clear case of age discrimination by the US Soccer Federation,” said Michael Gunderson, attorney for the boys. “It is unconscionable in this day and age to see such pay discrepancies when the talent on the field shows who should earn more.”

As part of the case, Gunderson will be referencing the 5-2 win by the boys team in the US and also pointing to the 7-0 thrashing another boys team gave to the Australian Women’s National Team during a scrimmage in Australia. The outcome of the case could encourage other youth groups to pursue similar demands in other countries.

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